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Feel strong, energised and connected with your ‘core system’ before, during and after pregnancy.  


strengthen your 'core system' with posture, breath and alignment

learn how effectively INTEGRATE your pelvic floor and keep movements diastasis recti safe 

prepare for the demands of birth and motherhood with a specifically designed strength training programme 

I had the great luck of training under Betsan in my second trimester. I wasn’t completely sold on the gym, but after meeting Betsan, I knew I had to work with her. Her training style is unique and perfect for prenatal workouts: she’s gentle, empathetic, but will still push you to the right level. Her plans are incredibly thoughtful and tailored. Each week I seem to have different ailments surface, and she would adjust accordingly, often on the spot!
— Jane

Specialist 1:1 Personal Training

During Pregnancy

Post Birth

Post C Section



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Core and Pelvic Floor Restore Courses

Rehab your postnatal body the right way

Bring your baby with you

Meet like minded mums 



Group Pre and Postnatal Personal Training at beautiful locations


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Wellness Focused

There is also the knowledge Betsan brings to the table, both as a mom and a trainer. Betsan had wonderful suggestions for diet, homeopathic remedies, etc. I always felt that I could lean on her advice in these areas as well.
— Jane
There were a lot of fears and unknowns when I found out I was pregnant for the first time. I wanted to stay fit and healthy, but didn’t know exactly how to exercise to benefit my changing body and growing baby. I had always been active and worked out from home (alone), but never with a personal trainer. Looking back, I couldn’t more grateful for my prenatal training sessions with Betsan. I stayed strong and empowered throughout my whole pregnancy, and felt like I had another female friend to support me through my journey. I believe our training sessions and my dedication to fitness throughout my pregnancy allowed me to have much more confidence and ease during my labor and delivery.
— Karli

ready to glow

personal training at home or in the gym. small group courses. online training.

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